Welcome to Birdhouse Reviews!

“We love birdhouses so much that we’ve named our website after them! ” – Rob @ Birdhouse Reviews

Welcome to Birdhouse Reviews! The number one website dedicated to all things birdhouse related. This is where you’ll learn all you need to know about birdhouses, bird feeders, feeding stations, books, accessories and other key areas we’ve identified as being important for developing your knowledge of birds and wildlife.


Welcome to Birdhouse Reviews!

Welcome to Birdhouse Reviews!

There are several areas of Birdhouse Reviews which you should explore if you’re interested in learning more about caring for birds and making them a bigger part of your life. Read the section summaries below and then click on the pictures to browse our site and see what areas interest you most. Happy hunting!


Whether you want to build your own, or buy a really expensive and extravagant one, birdhouses are a fantastic way of spending more time in the fresh air and getting to know your local wildlife. For all you need to know about birdhouses and for all the latest reviews click on our birdhouse boathouse below!

Birdhouse Reviews

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Bird Feeders

We love bird feeders and bird feeding stations just as much as we love birdhouses! Bird feeders are a great way of adding life to your garden without investing huge amounts of time and effort! From feeding poles to full scale bird feeding stations, there is a fantastic range available. Check out more detailed information and some new reviews in our bird feeder section.

Bird Feeders

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Books are a brilliant way of finding out the intricate details that will make you stand out as a great carer of birds and wildlife.  At Birdhouse Reviews we really believe that spending time learning about these wonderful creatures and their living habits is essential if you want to understand what birds need and want. So what better way than getting stuck into a great bird book where you can pour over all the intricate details you never even knew existed. We are currently busy reviewing some birdhouse books so you are welcome to have a look and let us know what you think!

Birdhouse Books

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Comments and Feedback

We want you to feel welcome here and our birdhouse reviewers love getting feedback so if you have any suggestions of content you’d like to see then please leave a comment below and we will be sure to take your views on board! They aren’t afraid of hearing the truth so please be honest and we will genuinely review all comments so that we can help to make this site a better experience for you.



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